The Trouble with Starting Web Development / My Solution

May 6th 2012

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The Backstory

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So my little brother was learning to make websites. I thought it would be easy enough, and he had no problems learning. HTML and CSS both came pretty easy, with a little guidance. Of course, he ran into some challanges, but there was nothing that a little thought and practice couldn’t overcome. Then he wanted to show his friends. That was when the trouble started.

His website consisted of just two HTML pages, some images, and some CSS. It was not a blog, or even dynamic in any way. So he asked me how he could show his friends (For context, my brother is 12). I thought for a second.

“How about you email the folder to my friends?”

“No, I’ll have to explain how to open it, and I want everyone to be able to see it. I want it online.”

“Well, I guess we’ll have to get a web host”

So I go online. I find a few free web hosts, and email the links to my brother (He’s big on “doing things on his own”). He goes to the links, and it was down hill from there. It seemed like to just get a simple site online, it took so much work and knowledge. Seeing words like FTP, TLD, PHP, CGI, RoR just totally killed his enthusiasm – It was just overwhelming. There was so much new information, and he didn’t even know where to start. Now, I suppose he could have just ignored anything he didn’t know, and ploughed ahead, but I know I myself would not have been satisfied with that approach. But this situation got me thinking. First of all, is this much information really necessary? To just show off a website? He doesn’t need a cPanel, or MX Records. After he asked me ten questions on acronyms, and I spent half an hour teaching him how to use FileZilla, I decided I needed to fix this.

The Solution

So I made Ziposit. Ziposit takes this idea that getting a website online should be easy to an extreme. The home page doesn’t have a laundry-list of useless features – it just keeps it simple. To get a site online, 4 simple steps: Zip up your website. Drag the Zip File into the window (This was a fun opportunity to use XHR2 and Drag/Drop HTML5 APIs). Type in a name. Visit (name), and see your website! Thats it. Some might think this is too simplified. I agree. This is not going to replace the webhost for your production site, or your blog. For that, you NEED a control panel, and mail, and more.You need an account, and you’ll need to modify in the future. But you don’t always need all that. Sometimes, you just want to get a site online. You could be just learning (like my brother), and want some instant gratification. You could be dying to share your work with a friend, instantly, and don’t want to waste time setting up an account, and confirming your email, etc. Or maybe (this applies to me) you want to set up a website for a school project or an event, a one-off project, For all there situations, Ziposit is perfect. There is literally not a single detail that I could remove to make this any easier.

So Enjoy Ziposit, web hosting simplified! And Its Free (Ad supported)

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